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"Magic contracts the selfless and courageous, 

choosing souls to fight for love, connection, and hope."


New magical girls (and boys and nonbinaries) are born every day across countless worlds filled with magic. We're familiar with their stunning transformations, but where do their sparkling new costumes come from? Some have their sources or their own imaginations, but others come to you.

Play an afternoon in the life of a Magical Girl Tailor designing and sewing fashions in the moments before a new magical girl's (or boy or nonbinary) first transformation. Hear what's in their hearts and learn their stories.


This is a casual, narrative sewing simulator created for Release the Magic! Game Jam.  A short LGBT+ experience from a unique perspective in the Magical Girl world. 

CW: Contains mild implied transphobia and internalized transphobia.


Threads of Magic was created from concept to finish during July 2021 and is each team member's first game jam. 

There will inevitably be bugs, but we really hope you enjoy your time! Consider donating via itch.io or in the links below to show your support! 

Two thirds of this team have not previously produced for games at all! Please send your kudos to the Programmer (Sophie) and Composer (Bard) in the comments for their impressive skills!

As a team of three, we represent LGBTQ+, PoC, and women creators. 


Artist, Game Designer, Director, Writer

Twitter ⋆ Carrd ⋆ Patreon ⋆ Ko-fi

Programmer (with actual magic at her fingertips I'm serious)

Sophie Boerlage

Composer, Editor, all around cool human hamster

Sunglasses Bard


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(107 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, Casual, LGBT, Magic, Narrative, Point & Click, Relaxing, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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GODD THIS GAME IS SO SWEET,, I was genuinely smiling ear to ear for the entire game almost oh my god this was amazing


Hana's story got me a bit emotional. But ohhh the artstyle!!!  My mother was a costume seamstress and I always loved watching her make the most beautiful clothes out of fabrics. This game was delightful, I enjoyed every minute of it. 

this was so cute and tbh Hana's one made me cry a little since her story hit so close to home and just ahh! i love this game so much!! 

I loved this game it was so cute !!

Absolutely recommend!!! Short and sweet play through. Thank you so much to the creators of this!! 

Such an adorable, wholesome game! I love the idea of different magical universes existing at once and the beautiful storytelling of each of the characters. A short, albeit meaningful experience. (Also THIMBLES <3)


( mild spoilers ! )

i nearly cried playing this game. just knowing how much those clothes means to them. god this is such a good game ! love it ♡₊˚


ow, wow i am so emotional (;´д`)♡

the art and outfits are so cute and the plot has me cryin in the club

Aww, this was so fun! I wonder if Amir used to be a part of the magical girl group, since Wing notes that a girl is missing and also doesn't remember making his costume.


Absolutely beautiful game. I really enjoyed it.


This game is so short but beautiful!! The representation in it made me so happy and very emotional too see :,] <3


This game is absolutely beautiful. It made me smile to see such inclusive and heart-touching representation! It made me giggle despite my awful fabric cutting skills! <3

Oh my, it's been so long since i last played a game that made me this emotional. The game is stunning, in writing, art and gameplay wise, not to talk about the representativity and the amazing message in each magical persons lifes. <3

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

I definitely agree with everyone that this game is pretty amazing. I cried because "yay implied Ace character".

Literally, my only complaint was the difficulty in the sewing mechanics, though that could also just be me and my fine motor skill issues.

Overall, just want to say the game was very adorable and though short, I would 100% play again.

This game is phenomenal! Literally, the first game to make me cry in months if not years. I only wish it was longer. I would love to help more magical babes!

I love this game!! Perfect thing to start pride month off witj

I liked this so much. I love how your character can walk around and click on things. Making the clothes was interactive and fun (tho i am bad at the sewing part lol). I love the bonus art you see after making all the clothes. A bit confused but was wondering if the magical boy was aromantic?


I thought he was Ace, he came across more ace to me. (Source: I'm Ace.)

well their outfit had the aroace flag colors so i was assuming that, hana also has a trans color scheme so it made a little sense to me

so cute

this game made my day <3

I love the game, particularly the artstyle and the characters' backstories! I love how all of them were diverse and meaningful especially with their transformation. Admittedly I had always been skeptical about magical girls but I've been slowly exposing myself about them and this game is so wonderful, it's really heartwarming! I wished we could play more of it, learn more about the MC, design more outfits (though my scores were barely passing ahahah), and know more about the different worlds but I really like the slice you guys presented. It's a great game, enjoyable!!!

This was so cute! I loved the visuals and wish I could've made more designs, though some of my scores were just barely scraping by. ❤

Loooved that the playable character was a magical enby <3 The sewing mechanic was well done and a nice little challenge. The character stories and art were my favorite part, I loved the thoughtful outfit designs and the writing had me tearing up. I love all these magical folx!

I LOVED the game i ADORED it! wondering if this is the finished project or not if there was a takeover on the magical people and the tailor has to somehow help them with their power of sewing? 

just an idea of course! if you wanna give the game a deeper plot! 

Or its an idea for somebody elses game

Very much love the game though cute outfits and characters!!!!!!!1

Super cute - made me smile! :D

Came across this short visual novel and it was very satisfying for the time spent. The characters journeys becoming magical was sweet! Hope to see more projects :) Thank you for giving us smiles and warmth through ALL your work and dedication Developers (Creators)


Thanks so much for playing and for making such a fun video! Hope you enjoyed it ❤

I did! Keep up the great work   (^ -^)

Hi, I just want to say I needed this game right now, and I am so thrilled to have played it. You all did an amazing job and it made me so happy. The art, the music, the characters and their stories, the minigames--I know I just described most of the game, but oh my gosh, I love it all! Thank you <3

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!!❤

i loved this game and all of the representation so much !! the fact that we can play as a nonbinary character made me so happy and validated

if you guys ever add more to this adorable game i'd be so stoked to check it out again :))) much love <3

Heck yeah, more playable nbs is what I want too ❤ Thank you!!


Oh, this was such a lovely experience!! I've never come across an aro character like myself, and then one as loving as I am, what can I say I am full of love for this sweet short game haha ❤

That makes me so happy to hear!! I'm glad that Ely's story resonated (hehe) with you!

Same here!! I cried bcs of it, i never see aro characters and i love it

Not gonna lie, I almost cried reading the second scene with Hana :) she's so sweet and I loved her story. I loved all the stories, but that one just got me ooF

Also!! the gameplay was very fun and even though i suck at the sewing part I loved it :D

Ahh I'm so glad ❤❤ Thank you so much for playing!

(1 edit)

This was so sweet, I wish there was more. The sewing part was the hardest, I kept stomping around for a foot pedal that wasn't there when I wanted to turn a corner. 

The graphics are beautiful, the outfits are so gorgeous and playful and the stories are short but adorable. I totally burst into tears at the last one. This is really special and playful and happy.

Thank you for making this. 


Thank you so much for playing!! We hope to maybe add an element in the future that lets you control the speed with a "pedal,"  so maybe one day you will get to stomp. 😄

So happy you enjoyed it!

How long is it?

Only about 30 minutes or less!

Okay thx, you were very helpful 😁👍

this is lovley! i love the representation in it, and the art is gorgous!

Thank you very much!!

(1 edit)

Si tuviera traducción al español fuera increíble :(

If a Spanish translator comes to us, we will happily add it! Sorry that we cannot promise it for now. :(

Hi! Beautiful game!

I'm a native French speaker and I was wondering if I could translate your game into French? :3

Oh wow! If you would like to that would be amazing! We would be happy to add language options if we have the translations ❤

Great! Do you have an email address to share translation files? (or you can contact me on my email address in my profile if you prefer)

You can reach me at bkomeidraws@gmail.com! :)

Sent ~

I don't usually comment, but....that was just amazing! The premise is so compelling, and the minigames are fun. All of the character designs were wonderful and I loved all of the little character stories. I would love to see a longer version if you choose to expand this. I want to know more about Wing, and how they ended up with the job they have! If you want to add more minigames, maybe something like a memory game, where you have to match up colours to the sequence that Wing's imagining? My mind is racing with all the possibilities! No worries if you don't want to add anything, I'm perfectly happy with the game as it is. Anyway, in conclusion, thank you so much for making this game, I love it to bits! ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Wow, thank you so much for your sweet comment! ;__; ❤❤ I hope one day we can add more to it! We really appreciate it!!

Ahhh! I finished the game! The game was amazing! I loved all the character designs and the different individual stories the Protag explores. I look forward to seeing more! (^ 0^)/ <3 

Ahh thank you very much!! ❤

ahhh i absolutely LOVED this game!! gosh I'm so looking forward to more!! ;;o;;


Wow, thank you!! ;///;7

is there going to be a version for mac? :(

Yes! I'm not sure when exactly, but I'm thinking within the week. 🙏 I can reply with another comment when it happens!

yes please! :D

'Tis here now!

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